Tuesday, October 2, 2012

There's where my energy went...

 Besides trying to keep up with our little 2 year old we have been:

Gardening! Which to be honest I haven't canned a thing. :( I've froze tons of things, but somehow canning just hasn't happened at all this year.

Needless to say tho we have been eating fresh produce from our garden nearly every day! Which is such a blessing!

Our little farm cat had a batch of 4 kittens this Summer! So we've been having fun playing with them! As well as our little goat kids! The mama goat is still nursing them through the day and I milk her in the morning receiving a half gallon of delicious milk! I haven't had enough to make things out of it yet... but I have made lots of yummy ice cream and some yogurt!

Can I leave without showing you a picture of our hairy little farm dog? :-)

Or miss priss herself?

This is our stack of wood that we have been bucking up, splitting and stacking throughout the Summer/Fall! This picture doesn't really do it justice... it looks much bigger in person! ;-)

I was splitting some the other day and our neighbor lady walked by saying "That's a man job" ;-) Oh how I do agree! Tho I must say it's kind of fun to 'try' and split some wood! And it's mostly fun to help my husband! :-)

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Trinity said...

Hey Sar! I love your blog! Your pictures are really good! Your garden looks amazing, and I know you ve been busy!! Just wanted to drop by and say how much I love you and hopefully see ya soon! -Trin'


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