Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Emmaline's birth story

I must say being pregnant with Emmaline wasn't quite as easy as the pregnancy with Susannah and honestly I blame it on the way I was eating. I think I needed more fresh foods. I was eating a lot of bread and grains. 

Toward the end of pregnancy I was exhausted, miserable, and grumpy a lot. I would cry myself to sleep sometimes and my husband would hold me and reassured me that our baby would be here soon. 

A few weeks before the due date I started having a lot of Braxton hicks and contractions. It was kind of encouraging, but made me feel miserable again. I didn't really feel like doing much and I was constantly so EXHAUSTED. So I started hoping for a early birth! I was SO ready! Which was a good thing beings during most of the pregnancy I was scared of the labor. But by this time I was confident and quiet ready. 

I started having pre-labor contractions on Thursday, April 26. So my husband took off Friday. And we waited around hoping this would be it. The midwife came and checked me and told me I was at 2 1/2 cm. I was highly not encouraged. I had hoped to be farther along with having so many contractions. So we waited around again. Walking, walking, and more walking... hoping to kick real labor in. 

Nothing except the usual pre labor contractions happened till Saturday night when I felt a gush of water. I didn't actually think anything of it till Sunday morning tho when I remember the night before I had a gush of water. I felt funny that morning and thought that just possible the gush of water the night before was my waters breaking. I tried not to get my hopes up tho. I decided to calmly take a test and see if my waters had broken. And they had!!!! I was ecstatic! I ran and told my husband! 

We called our midwife who didn't answer her phone. Then I tried the assistant midwife and she asked if I was having contractions... I replied with 'just the same prelabor ones'. So she said to call back in when I was having contractions. My husband and I decided to do something other then wait around. So we went to get some chicks and have a BBQ with my parents. Still just the same annoying pre-labor contractions. I started getting discouraged and afraid labor wouldn't start on it's own just like with Susannah. 

My sisters and I went on yet another walk hoping something would kick in. Then my husband and I went home so I could get some rest. I was feeling tired and discouraged that my contractions hadn't started. So I decided to go to bed. It was like 9:00 pm. Richard wasnt tired yet so I went to bed alone. I then woke up really hungry and having very VERY spaced and irregular contractions. I was scared that they would just go away. But I went to tell my husband anyway... He was just then heading my way to go to bed. I don't think he thought that they were the real thing either. 

At this point it was 11:00pm. I didn't feel like sleeping anymore and I was hungry so I ate some granola. And wondered around the house a little hoping the baby would be born tonight. Then I sat down and read some birthing stories for awhile. The contractions were pretty spaced at this point so I wanted everyone to be able to get some rest. By now I knew that it just had to be the real thing! I waited around till about 12:30 when I started to feel a bit panicky about being by myself as the contractions were getting stronger and more intense. 

So I went to lay on our bed with Richard. When I layed down they got farther apart but stronger and longer. They were about 5 min apart and lasting 1 1/2 mins. When I got up they were 3 min apart and lasting 45 sec. I would then squeeze Richard's hand when I would have one hoping he would wake up. Which he did and he asked if I was having contraction. We decided it was time to call the midwife. 

The midwife sent her assistant out to check on me. She checked me while Richard went to prepare some more things. She told me I was dilated at 5 cm. I felt discouraged. I was ready to have this baby. When Rich came back the assistant told him I was dilated to 5 cm and he looked at me and said with so much encouragement in his voice "That's great Sarah!! Your already halfway there!!!" I then thought "Oh that's true!!" I was then very encouraged and ready to keep going! The contractions were a TON easier then with Susannah, who I was put on pitocin with. So I actually felt like I wasn't getting anywhere with them. 

Richard was so encouraging through the contraction and helped me keep my mind positive that we would soon be holding our baby! He walked around and did the labor dance with me and helped me moan through the contraction! I remember a couple times laying down on the bed to rest between contractions.

Finally after laboring like that for awhile I started to feel like pushing but I didn't think I was ready. In fact I thought I was a long way from actually being ready. Finally I couldn't hold back the push. The assistant then called the midwife and I could hear her telling her "Looks like she's pushing now. You should probably head this way." So she then fixed the bed up so I could push on my hands and knees for a few while she got the tub ready for my water birth. Richard then encouraged me "She's getting the tub ready!! Your going to be holding our baby so soon!!!" I was encouraged, but at the time thinking that was unrealistic and that there was still a long ways to go. I felt tired but not nearly as tired as with the labor with Susie. 

Finally I got into the tub. Which felt nice but made my contractions get farther apart which I honestly wasn't the happiest about... Haha! I just wanted to hold our baby! But I continued to push through them. I remember getting pretty warm and asking for a cool washcloth for my forehead. Finally after pushing for a bit she finally started to crown. The crowning hurt more then with Susie. I wasn't expecting it to hurt so much and I kept saying 'it stings, it stings, it stings!!!' My husbands told me later that during that time I was pinching his arms. That part seamed to last forever and was the most painful of the whole birth. 

Finally I got past the crowning part and was getting her out. When I was close to getting her completely out the assistant guided her under me so that I could bring her out of the water! I picked her up and laid back against the tub saying 'oh I love you already!!!' I felt ecstatic and oh so very excited!!! I felt like a little girl with a new doll!!! I didn't have my glasses or contacts on so I couldn't tell if she was a boy or girl. So I asked Richard. He then announced that she was a girl!!! Again excitement overwhelmed me!!! Even writing this I can feel the same excitement! At that point the midwife finally walked in and we all laughed about her missing the birth.

I honestly thought I'd tore a ton because of how much it stung. But it turned out I only tore a little and needed only a few stitches. She turned out to be a 9 lb 2 oz baby! I believe that's why it stung so much.  She was born at 5:17 am. I was in active labor for 5 1/2 hours. I pushed for about 35 min. I loved having a home birth! Not having to go anywhere and then being able to just lay down and sleep in my own bed with my husband was amazing!! :-) Overall it was a much easier birth then my first (minus the crowning part)!

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A Restful Place said...

What a precious birth story! My second pregnancy was harder emotionally too. I still need to sit down and write out both of my birth stories. :D Blessings to you!


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