Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Posh Pads Review

Posh Pads is a company with a lovely selection of nursing pads and panty liners!

From Posh Pad's Website:

"A few other reasons to start using cloth: 

~Cheaper than disposables in the long run.
~ Much Less waste for you to throw away.
~ Reusable (better for the environment + saving you money).
~ Always on hand - Never have to make the dash to get more.
~ Feels softer than disposables.
~Tends to be less "sweaty" feeling than disposables.
~ May lessen the chance of getting thrush (than using disposables)."

I am really excited to change from disposable pads to reusable ones! I mean why not? They aren't hard to clean or take care of, they are WAY cheaper, and of course healthier! :-) Plus you get to choose from all sorts of pretty colors! ;-)

Posh Pads sent me a sampler package of reusable panty liners to review! I loved all the fun colors they came in! :-) Not to mention that they are ORGANIC!

"MY POSH PADS uses the renewable resource of bamboo as a fabric because it grows naturally and abundantly without pesticides or fertilizers, therefore reducing the chances of allergies or skin conditions. The thermal characteristics offer great breathing ability; keeping moisture away from the body. Bamboo is highly absorbent and naturally deodorizing. The layers allow moisture to be wicked away from your body leaving you drier."

I think my favorite things about these pads are the fact that they are made out of organic bamboo fabric! The fabric is so soft and comfortable, and with all the pretty colors to choose from it makes it that much more fun! I also really liked that they have different size snap options! This makes for easier sizing on different sized panties!

Buy them: Visit Posh Pads website to purchase these great panty liners or to see what other lovely items they have for sell! :-)

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product. All opinions are 100% my own and may vary from yours.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Where I've Been

I don't know how many of you noticed that I simply haven't been around the blogging world as much lately... well here is why (this is taken from my own handwritten journal):

Sometimes life seams so hard to juggle things around. It's hard to find a balance in things or to know whether or not something is truly beneficial. I don't want to just be a quitter on my blog, but right now I feel like if I don't quiet it'll pull me away from what's most important in life: My Lord, My husband, my children, and my home. I already feel like I fail miserable at times to keep up with my home. I don't want to be a failure, but I also don't want to be a quitter when things get tough. I also know that I don't want to be known to my children as the mom that was constantly glued to the computer or ipod. I want to be known as industrious and working with my hands. Most of all as a Proverbs 31 woman, a Woman of God! 

"He who pursues righteousness and loyalty Finds life, righteousness, and honor." Proverbs 21:21

"For it is THou who dost bless the righteous man, O Lord, Thou dost surround him with favor as with a shield." Psalms 5:12

From 'Large Family Logistics' book Chapter 13: Life with Littles:

Content Yourself with Healthy Brain Food:

Life with Littles involves a fair amount of physically hard work. It can lack mental stimulation that we, as women, crave. We feel that lack and will look to fill it with something.

My oldest children were little before the days of the Internet, so I didn't have to battle getting caught up in online discussions and the like. If you are looking to online friends for encouragement, tread carefully and wisely. The women of old got in trouble going from house to house gossiping, we don't need to leave our houses to fall into the same sins. And I would suggest using a timer at the computer so you don't fall into the cyber abyss. It's a little scary how fast time flies when you are sitting in front of that screen.

For safer, better mental stimulation, I recommend reading books. Not fiction, but how-to, theology, philosophy, Bible study, and other books that provoke thought. These types of books can be read one chapter at a time and then thought about while doing physical work. How-to books can also promote creative action. Of course, you can find helpful articles on the Internet too, but you have to watch out for the abyss which can sap your time as well as your emotional and spiritual energy.

What you put in comes out. If you sow in your mind things that promote discontent-- argumentative online debates, television sitcoms or irrelevant reality shows, foolish novels, and worldly magazines-- then you will read discontent in your life. This can happen online and offline as well. Examine your heart to see if it is focused on God and serving Him or on yourself. Do not allow yourself to be discontent, but look at all things with thanksgiving and challenge yourself to overcome trials with biblical responses. look at the long physically hard days as the blessing that they are, This is the school of sanctifications. God is growing you." 

"... There are times in life that certain things do not fit in and must be let go for a season."

"Thy word I have hid in my heart, that I might not sin against thee!" Psalm 119:11

I am not saying blogging is wrong or that I am leaving! I am going to take a small brake then come back and be a slower blogger then what I was trying to be! There will still be giveaways and reviews and exciting things like that, but I just need to step back a notch and be a Wife and Mama first and for most! :-)

Any thoughts? Anyone experiencing/ed this? Tips to help me balance things out? 

Reuseit Review and Giveaway

Reuseit is a company with a whole host of wonderful reusable products! They carry Produce bags, snack bags, cloth diapers, lunch boxes, and much more! :-) 

Reuseit sent me a Klean Kanteen Sippy Cup! Our daughter is constantly chewing on everything. Which includes her sippy cups. A sippy cup might last her a month without leaking. Usually she chews through the top sooner then that tho and it's leaking by two weeks. I wanted to find something that was way more durable. I've had this sippy cup for about a month now and it still looks brand new! :-) Also if my daughter did happen to eventually chew up the sippy part, it gets lost, or broken you can purchase the Sippy Cup Adaptor Kit from Reuseit as well and tada you have a brand new sippy cup again! ;-)

The other thing I always hated about the plastic sippy cups was no matter how much you scrubbed them they still smelled as though they had rotten milk in them. *EW* This sippy however comes clean and smells fresh after every wash! 

I've had it leak a few times just a little and it's usually because I haven't put the lid on right. However like any sippy cup it isn't meant to be turned upside down and pounded! ;-)

Buy it: Would you like to purchase your own Klean Kanteen Sippy cup? Check out Reuseit and see what fun colors they come in! ;-)

Win it: One (1) of Mama's Sew Sweet Baby readers will win a $25 Gift Certificate to Reuseit

Enter using the Rafflecopter Form below! :-)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Homemade Produce Wash ~Guest Post~

Whether you buy organic or non-organic produce, it is still a good idea to wash your fruits and veggies first. Pesticides are just one reason to wash produce but even if there were no pesticides used, your produce could still get germs and bacteria just from the trip from the farm to your home. Obviously you don’t want to potentially eat pesticides, germs or bacteria so take the tiny effort to wash your produce first.

Now you could go out and buy a produce spray or wash from the store. However, store bought produce washes tend to cost a lot. In fact, they cost a ton when you realize that you don’t need special soaps or chemicals to clean your apples!

You can make your very own produce wash at home with ingredients that you already have in your kitchen! It is incredibly easy and extremely inexpensive to make your own produce wash!

Produce Wash

½ cup vinegar
1 ½ cups water

Mix both ingredients together and store in a spray bottle. When you are ready to wash your produce, simply spray on, rub or scrub depending on the produce and then rinse under running water. For produce that benefits more from a soaking technique such as lettuce or broccoli, just pour the vinegar solution in a bowl and place your produce in the bowl. Swish your produce around a bit and then rinse off under water.

This recipe is a 1:3 ratio of vinegar to water so it’s very easy to make a larger batch if you need to.

As I said, it’s pretty likely that you have vinegar in your home already and you obviously have water. This produce wash is practically free to make and since there are only two ingredients, it’s pretty simple as well. Since you are making it yourself and you actually know the ingredients, you can rest easy knowing that the produce wash that you are spraying on your fruit is completely safe and natural.

Bio: Brittany is a stay at home wife and mother to three children (5 years, 4 years, & 1 year). You can find more about Brittany on her blog The Pistachio Project, where she writes about being green, natural parenting, frugal living and safer products.


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