Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Introducing... and a winner!

Our 'Beautiful Baby' Cristiana Grace was born on July 2, at 1:34 am! She weight 8 lbs 2 oz. She is such a sweet darling baby who is always laughing and smiling already! She loves to be cuddled, and to smile at her sisters!! The perfect addition to our family! We are in love!!! <3

Which brings me to say we have a winner for the Baby Guessing Contest! :-) Melody you are the winner!! Please e-mail me at mamasewsweetbaby@gmail.com

Thank you to those who entered!! :-)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Redeeming Childbirth Giveaway

Now for another fun giveaway!! :-)

Redeeming Childbirth has been such an encouragement and blessing to me! It contains a message in it that isn't talked about much. I think this message needs to be spread. Right now my copy of this book is in the hands of my sister! And I received this book as a gift from a sister in Christ! I have even mentioned to my husband that I would like to give this book to the new mothers at baby showers!

This book is about giving God complete control over your heart, soul, and mind! Through pain in morning sickness or contractions! Learning to lean on Him in all the hard times as well as the good! It's so beautifully written it'll have you in tears at times!

Angie Tolpin has kindly offered to giveaway a signed copy of Redeeming Childbirth to one of my lovely readers!! Thank you Angie! :D

Enter using the rafflecopter form below:

A Thank You

This little blogging series has been so much fun to me!! I just want to keep it going! ;-) I still feel like there are so many more fun posts I want to write and I still have some fun giveaways coming up! I really enjoy hosting giveaways and really enjoy finding out who the winner is. I must say sometimes I just wish I could give you all something, just for being such great readers!! Thank you all so much for entering my giveaways and supporting me on this blog! All you sweet and faithful readers are what keeps me blogging!

May the Lord bless you all!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Baby Guessing Contest with a giveaway

I am currently 2 weeks and 6 days from my due date!!! ACK! I really can't wait to hold my sweet baby in my arms! I feel ready now! So to keep me a bit distracted from wanting to go into labor every single day I would like to have a contest with you all!!

The giveaway will be for a $10 GC and free shipping to my new etsy store Beautiful Babies Shop!

You might like some past information about my previous births to make as good of an 'educated' answer as you can! ;-) So here ya go:

Susannah Jane
8 lbs 2 oz
Born Sept. 30 @ 7:23 pm.
She was 2 days late

Emmaline Victoria
9 lbs 2 oz
Born April 23 @ 5:17 am
She was 1 day early

This baby...
Most think we're having another girl... tho I have been told by random people that we'll have a boy
I'm due July 7th... I'm thinking the 4th! ;-)
I like night births! ;-)

So there you have it... your turn:

Leave a comment with the following
-Guess the gender
-Guess Birthday
-Guess time
-Guess weight
-Also to make it fun for me with my new shop... visit my Beautiful Babies shop and let me know what you would purchase if you won! :D

After the baby is born I will choose a winner that has the closest answers! Have fun!! :D

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Making Babies Book Review and Giveaway

I now have another exciting giveaway for you lovely "Beautiful Babies" followers and anyone else just now jumping in! I hope you all have enjoyed this series as much as I have!! :-)

Great selection of bulk herbs, books, and remedies. Articles, Research Aids and much more.

Have you read my review on the Making Babies DVD set? Let me just say... If you liked the DVDs you will LOVE the book!!! I think the book is a must for any pregnant woman, pregnant or not!!! It is packed full of recipes and tips!! The recipes include everything from delicious healthy deserts to nutritional fiber!! I have already tried some of the recipes from this book and I look forward to trying more! There is a section in the book for Conception through the first trimester, second & third trimesters, birth through six months, and she also includes her pregnancy cookbook! Which I love! She has amazingly yummy and healthy recipes from Zucchini muffins and chocolate milk, to curry-mango Chicken Salad!! Mmm mmm good! :D

Currently I am making a After Birth Cramping Tincture that I'm excited to try (Yes I did just say excited)!! Only 3 more weeks till the due date people!!

This book is so colorful and packed full of beautiful pictures of Shoshanna throughout her pregnancy and after with her new baby! The recipes are so much fun to look through and so easy to follow! Sometimes I just enjoy sitting down and looking through the book, just to see which recipe I would like to try next!!

In the back of the book there is a section of Did you know? Everything from fertility, cal-mag, energy, colicky baby, heartburn, morning sickness, postpartum depression... ect. Such good information in this book!! I love it!

And then there is this darling Baby Diary that you can fill out while your progressing through your pregnancy!! I haven't touched it yet, because I was so far along in my pregnancy, but it looks like it would be a great memory keeper to do during a pregnancy!! :D

Buy it: Would you like to purchase your own Making Babies book? Visit The Bulk Herb Store!

Win it: The Bulk Herb Store has graciously offered to giveaway a Making Babies Book to one of Sew Sweet Baby's readers!!! :-) Enter through the rafflecopter form below for your chance to win! :D

Friday, June 14, 2013

Introducing Beautiful Babies Etsy Shop

Because of my Beautiful Babies series I felt inspired to start up an etsy shop where I enjoy making things for babies and mamas! :-) So far I have some Beautiful Belly Stretch Mark Butter! This butter I have been using through out this pregnancy and it has helped keep my skin moisturized, itch-less, and thus far no new stretch marks! :-)

I also have a Beautiful Mama Sitz Bath! This sitz bath is so relaxing and refreshing!! Not to mention I always feel great after taking one! I am so excited to take one after this little one is born! ;-)

This is Beautiful Baby Salve! It smells really good, helps heal up boo boos and rashes, and moisturizes all at the same time! :-) I love to put this on both my girls now who are 2 1/2 and 1! And I really look forward to putting it on my sweet newborn soon! :D

Every mama at some point deals with a fussy or colicky baby... or at least a tired teething baby! This Beautiful Babies Calming Tincture really does the trick! It helps the baby sleep better... which in turn helps the baby feel better!

I'm really excited to be on etsy and I hope that you will drop by my Beautiful Babies Shop and take a look! :-)

Blessings on you all! And I look forward to continuing the Beautiful Babies series with some more reviews and giveaways soon! :-)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Goodbye Strawberries

Strawberries are beautiful!! Strawberries taste SO good! Strawberries make me happy! I love strawberries... but I get hives. :-(

Sorry for the post delays lately... I still have some fun posts that I want to post for the Beautiful Babies Series! But right now I am desperately trying to keep myself sane during this hives breakout... so if need be I will extend the Beautiful babies month into June!

Any ideas or tips on how to ease the itching of the hives or shorten their duration???


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