Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring Cleaning?

So, who all is already working on "spring cleaning"?  This is my week to start that fun task! So Happy Monday!
I wonder how many of us got on the scale this morning and looked down and thought, "Was the weekend THAT bad?"

I hear people ask, "Will Plexus will make me skinny?"

Here's the TRUTH—Plexus products are about making your body balanced and helping things to work the way they should. Often, as a result of that balance, people DO lose weight. They lose even more INCHES as fat is burned, not your important muscle! Your shape can change radically before your scale moves.  Non-scale victories are still victories!!

We don't have an energy drink...we have a "Pink Drink" that was designed to help balance blood sugar. This in turn helps you find your natural, sustained energy without pumping you full of stimulants that destroy your body.

We don't have diet pills...if we did, I would have avoided these products altogether!  Instead, we have Probiotics and a Magnesium/Vitamin C supplement which help balance out your gut, and rid you of sugar cravings which can cause your body to shed excess toxins that you're holding onto as extra weight. We have a vegan full spectrum omega product and a fully methylated vitamin with aloe, with a handful of other HEALTH supplements.

As we all learned as a small child:  Slow and Steady Wins The Race
Reshaping your health, body and weight take time! Focus on what ELSE is happening as the scale moves!

Our homes are not the only things that need a "spring cleaning"!!!

Let this be your opportunity to get started on the journey to health!

*I am a plexus ambassador and if you were to make a purchase through me you would be supporting my little family! All opinions are my own and haven't be approved by the fda. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Vitamin Supplements worth Looking into

I love health and wellness and when I find top of the line products that impress me I can't help but share!! So here is a couple of my favorites I love so much!

The Mega X is made with ahiflower oil. It’s vegetarian and plant based. So there are is NO fishy aftertaste. It has sustainable and renewable ingredients. There is no potential for aquatic contaminants. Combines the full range of OMEGA 3, 6, 9, 5 and 7. Human’s require the omega 3 essential fatty acids for optimal health at all ages. Research suggests that omega 3’s can help lower triglyceride levels. And lower levels of triglycerides are associated with good health especially cardiovascular health.
So this MEGA X is going to help:
-Support healthy lipid levels
-Help with stress management
-Aids in relaxation
-Supports normal cholesterol and blood pressure levels which can promote cardiovascular health
-supports healthy brain development
-Lubricates your joints
-Helps offer amazing sleep

If you are not taking a probiotic, you should be! The probiotic my family currently uses is VERY inexpensive considering all the incredible benefits that you get in one little bottle. Hands down the BEST one we have EVER tried! It assists in balancing the gut with five extra strength probiotics, added enzymes, anti-fungal agents (to get rid of the damaging yeast), B6 and Grape Seed extract. It's some SERIOUSLY good stuff!! I never miss a day of my awesome probiotic! And neither do my kids. I want their immune systems strong!

*I am a plexus ambassador and if you were to make a purchase through me you would be supporting my little family! All opinions are my own and haven't be approved by the fda. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Ingredients in Slim

Are you a label reader (like me)? Are you an ingredient snob? Well this one is for you!!! If you are curious about what all is in this pink drink that is so special, keep reading!

What is in Plexus Slim?


These plants aren't created in a lab, they aren't new or scary or dangerous. Slim is not full of chemicals, stimulants, and artificial garbage. That is why it has been my #1 must have for almost two years! Crunchy, natural, fit-chick approved. Just plant-based, body-balancing goodness with endless health benefits!

Check it πŸ‘‡πŸΌπŸ‘‡πŸΌπŸ‘‡πŸΌ

- essential mineral
- enhances insulin functioning
- helps balance blood sugar levels and burn fat by moving glucose into the cells to be used for energy
- turns fat, carbs, and proteins into energy
✅Chlorogenic Acid (from Green Coffee Bean Extract):
- helps the liver burn fat and increases metabolism
- helps balance blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels
- increases your energy level
- removes free radicals/toxins from your body to improve your immune health
✅Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract:
- helps to convert carbs and sugars to energy so they aren't stored as fat
- helps you feel fuller faster (natural appetite suppression)
- increases Seratonin levels in the brain to improve mood, reduce food cravings, and promote better sleep
✅Alpha Lipoic Acid:
- can slow the aging process in skin
- can repair liver damage
- can reduce risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease
- natural anti-inflammatory, may help reduce inflammation and pain
✅Beet Root:
- gives the Pink drink it's Pink color
- anti-inflammatory; fights stress, helps fat digestion
✅Luo Han Guo:
- natural sweetener that works as an antioxidant to improve immune function
- helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels and aids in weight loss

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

My Why

Dear friends! Perhaps some of you are wondering why I started Plexus and why I'm so passionate about it. While on our beach trip, my husband and I were talking about this very thing and I want to share with you my why and my passion!  So here's my why! <3

A couple years ago just after my third baby, my husband and I noticed how my body seemed depleted and unhealthy. I was way more tired and couldn't cope with things like I should be able to. I felt moody and overall unhealthy. I started praying for the Lord to show me what to do.

As most of you know, I am a total herb girl! All into organic, GMO free, homemade natural remedies, and all things crunchy! So I did everything I possibly could to try and restore my body to health! And even though I learned a lot and did benefit and receive some better health with those things, something was still lacking. I still felt very tired and in need of further health improvements.

About the same time that I prayed for something to help improve my health, I also started praying for what I would call a "Proverbs 31 Project"! I wanted so badly to do something to bless others and bless our little family!

One day I heard about Plexus..... Didn't think much of it at first. I read labels on everything and at first I didn't think it would be worth my time to look into. And I was skeptical..... it was probably 'not good for me'. I kept praying and it kept popping up and I kept hearing more and more about it. So I started researching it. I researched and prayed about it for six months. I talked with my husband about it and decided to give it a go believing the Lord brought it into my life! Little did I know how much a life changer it would be!

My health has improved tremendously and continues to improve! Do I have off days that I still don't feel well? Yes, but they are getting fewer and farther between. It's not a magic pill! It's an all natural tool I'm using to help my body achieve better health!

I am continuously thankful the Lord brought Plexus into my life! Little did I know He would answer both my prayers with Plexus! To Him be the glory!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Plexus 96

I love what Jennifer says about trying Plexus 96 for the first time!  "I'm not going to lie - I prefer to eat my food - not drink it. I have never been a shake or smoothie person. took me months to try the 96. Actually, when I found out the whey was from grass fed cows, I stepped outside of my comfort zone and gave it a whirl. was good!! Not only did it taste amazing but it filled me up!!!
So what's up with this P96 and why do we all love it SO MUCH aside from the yumminess???
It is hands down one of the cleanest protein powders I've seen (check your labels! See below for a list of no-no's) I love that it comes in individual packets so you can just take it on the go! No pre-measuring, filling bags, & dealing with the hassle. Some benefits of having a good quality protein mix:
✅Can be great for a quick breakfast
✅Adding protein as a snack between meals can boost your metabolism
✅Perfect post-workout supplement.
✅Whey isolate is a fast protein meaning it feeds your muscles faster
This powder can turn into a FAT BURNING MACHINE by adding a packet of Slim and 8oz of carrageenan-free, unsweetened coconut milk. I lost 2 inches on my waist in just 10 days!!
So what should you be aware of on your other protein shake labels? If you see any of these ingredients drop it & run! Like, run & get you some P96 πŸ˜‰
•Whey that is not concentrate or isolate
•Artificial Flavors
•Soy Protein
*Whey & casein serve 2 different purposes. Know what you need & separate the two. (Whey is a fast protein, casein is slow & better to be taken at night)
*Pay attention to carb content!
*Don't be fooled by a popular name brand. Most of the top selling protein mixes have many of the ingredients listed above & are no good! Don't waste your money on junk & don't feed your body junk! Remember, high dollar is not always high quality!

**I am a ambassador of Plexus and it's products. Tho I sell these products and receive a compensation I actually use these products and all opinions are my own. Results and opinions very so be sure to do your own research.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Life These Days

Hello dear blog friends!! How I miss you all! I can't say I promise to blog more often as we have a lot going on right now, but I shall try!!

Here is a little update to what has been going on lately!! I'm so excited to share all the exciting different things I've been up to!! For starters:

Yes!!! Expecting baby #4!!!!! We're ecstatic!!! And guess what!!? After three beautiful and adorable girls there shall be a splash a blue! Yep, a boy! Can't wait to welcome a baby brother to our family!! 

We've been doing a little farming lately too adding some chickens and Mr. T-Bone:

Mr. T-Bone is such a happy calf that frolics about our 4 acres eating grass!! We are enjoying raising a little calf for the first time! 

I've also been having so much fun trying my hand at growing herbs!! Thus far I have: mint, lemon balm, rosemary, lavender, echinachia, sage, chives, comfrey, chamomile, feverfew, lemongrass... Am I forgetting something? 

I still buy dried herbs to play with and use!!! I just love herbs, tea, natural remedies, and natural health!

Apart from all that I have fell in love with Plexus!! Yes, I am an ambassador (why not sell something you love), yes I take the products, yes, I am a crunchy mama always trying to improve our health with natural, plant based products!! I always research things to an overwhelming extent because I like to know exactly what I'm getting into... So look out friends I am going to share some health posts regarding how plexus works and why I love it!! And oooh did I mention a givaway coming up!!!!? Yes!!!! Stay tuned and be sure and give some comment love and feedback!! 

For now here is my plexus website if you would like to take a look or go ahead and order these amazing life changing products!!

Thursday, December 31, 2015


Ok, so I never pictured it this way, but since I love visual representations, it makes so much sense! If you're a visual learner, keep reading! Your gut will thank you!
Ok, so picture this. 
You're in the kitchen making homemade bread. You mix the yeast with your warm water, but instead of adding a tablespoon of sugar, you add 2 CUPS! now have yeast EVERYWHERE!!! 
Now imagine that happening inside your body! God created your intestines with a little bit of yeast called Candida because you need it to decompose your body when you die. The problem is, Candida is like any other feeds on SUGAR! Since we LOVE SUGAR, guess what happens to Candida in our bodies! grows out of control just like your bread yeast when you add 2 cups of sugar. AND...when it begins to grow outside of your intestines, it becomes FUNGUS... 
It attaches to muscles, joints and other tissue causing inflammation and pain.
Since its original job is to decompose your body, guess what it does when it gets out of control and grows elsewhere? It decomposes things on the inside! No wonder it makes us feel terrible! THIS is why it's so important to take a QUALITY Probiotic EVERY DAY! This one thing could radically change your life due to a little enzyme called "chitosanase" that targets and breaks down the hard shell of candida in ProBio5."
Candida overgrowth causes:
• pain
• inflammation
• psoriasis
• eczema
• sugar cravings
• carb cravings
• inability to lose weight
• yeast infections
• attention issues
• autoimmune responses
• joint swelling
• insomnia
• lack of energy
• fatigue


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