Friday, June 14, 2013

Introducing Beautiful Babies Etsy Shop

Because of my Beautiful Babies series I felt inspired to start up an etsy shop where I enjoy making things for babies and mamas! :-) So far I have some Beautiful Belly Stretch Mark Butter! This butter I have been using through out this pregnancy and it has helped keep my skin moisturized, itch-less, and thus far no new stretch marks! :-)

I also have a Beautiful Mama Sitz Bath! This sitz bath is so relaxing and refreshing!! Not to mention I always feel great after taking one! I am so excited to take one after this little one is born! ;-)

This is Beautiful Baby Salve! It smells really good, helps heal up boo boos and rashes, and moisturizes all at the same time! :-) I love to put this on both my girls now who are 2 1/2 and 1! And I really look forward to putting it on my sweet newborn soon! :D

Every mama at some point deals with a fussy or colicky baby... or at least a tired teething baby! This Beautiful Babies Calming Tincture really does the trick! It helps the baby sleep better... which in turn helps the baby feel better!

I'm really excited to be on etsy and I hope that you will drop by my Beautiful Babies Shop and take a look! :-)

Blessings on you all! And I look forward to continuing the Beautiful Babies series with some more reviews and giveaways soon! :-)

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A Restful Place said...

How wonderful Sarah! I hope you do well! <3


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