Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Writing out what your priorities from most important to least important helps you, as a homemaker, to see what it is that you need to be doing in your day! Also making a list of things that will not be in your priorities at the time is also a good idea. Keep in mind tho that everyone is at different stages in life. For example my list of priorities aren't going to look the same as say my mom's! ;-) I challenge you to make your own list! But here's mine:

1) The Lord!

I need daily time to be in His word, t0 have a prayer time, and time to meditate/memorize scripture. This is extremely important to keep you on track for your daily activities! When you miss spending time in the word, life won't run as smoothly as you hope.

2) My Man!

My man is #2 in my life! We need our relationship to be strong so that we are on the same page with training our children and so that our children have happy parents who are working together to bring God all the glory! 

3) My Children!

My children are next! They need their mama to care for them in loving and kind ways! They need their mama to feed them, change them, dress them, bath them, love them, play with them, and train them! Children need their mama!

4) My health!

Yes this is next on my list. If my health is in poor shape then I can't take care of my family the way that I need to! My health includes all sorts of things like exercising, getting dressed for the day, eating healthfully, drinking water, taking vitamins, and anything else that means taking care of myself so that I'm presentable and healthy to better serve the Lord and my family!

5) My Home!

As most wives and mothers know we need clean, well kept, organized homes! We need this so that there is peace and restfulness in the home. This is an area that I struggle in very frequently. But it is extremely important for everyones physical, mental, and even spiritual health.

6) My animals!

My animals come next. With goats and chickens providing milk, eggs, and meat for us I need to make sure they are on my list of priorities. They need to be well taken care of!

7) Healthy Food!

I strive very hard to make our own bread, tortillas, muffins, yogurt, hamburger buns, and much more. This is important to me. Not only for our health, but also for the fact that it is fugal. 

Anyway that is a list of 'my' priorities right now... they are ever changing! What do your priorities look like?


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