Monday, October 1, 2012

Everyday is a new day

Everyday really is a new day around here. Summer with all it's wonderful blue skies and heat have ended now and I'm trying to keep myself looking forward to all that fall and winter bring along! :-) But let me tell you about our Summer a little! :-)
My sister Liz and I got to be pregnant together!! How fun is that?! Her son was born 5 weeks after my little lady! :-) It's been so much fun being an aunt and watching the cousins together! :-)

This is our best friend couple! ;-) Sisters and um... brother-in-laws... best friends! Actually my husband is the one that introduced my sister to her husband when we were courting! Our men where best friends at the time and still are! ;-)

 LOVE this man!!! :-) This Summer we had our 3rd wedding anniversary! It has been 3 amazing and adventurous years! Full of both trials and blessings! One of my favorite sites as of late has been The Dating Divas! They have tons of fun dating ideas!

 This summer we've also been getting to know this sweet little blessing! The best way to describe her is she wears her heart on her sleeve! When she is happy she's REALLY happy and when she is sad she's REALLY sad. At times she is calm and just is as quiet as can be and other times she is just so talkative! But in every way a blessing! :-)

 This is our little farm girl! She loves helping with the goats, cats, and chickens! She loves being outside and she is just a little ball of fire! Can't keep her still for anything really. Keeps her mama on her toes with all her energy! She just had her 2nd birthday on Sept 30th! Can't believe my little lady is growing up so fast!

 Children really are such sweet little blessings!! :-)

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