Monday, March 25, 2013

Super Skivvies review

Super Skivvies  provides adorable and affordable cloth training pants, making it easier and cheaper for you to potty train your toddler! I simply love all of the cute designs and colors to choose from!

From Super Skivvies website:

What ARE Super SKivvies Cloth Training Pants ?

Cloth Potty Training Pants
  • Super Skivvies cloth training pants are convertible training underwear that aid in potty training and bed wetting.
  • Super Skivvies feature a removable insert which allows them to convert to regular underwear after potty training is complete. This saves you money! Not to mention they can be used with multiple children which saves you even more! 
  • Super Skivvies unique design and choice of materials allows a child to feel  the wetness from their accident (which is of greatest importance) but keeps clothes, floors, and furniture dry.
  • Super Skivvies are made with sustainable materials which reduces waste in our landfills helping to save our environment and create a sustainable future.
  • Super Skivvies contain no chemicals! Disposable training pants (like Pull-Ups and Goodnights) contain toxic chemicals to absorb liquid that can harm your child and lengthen the time it takes to potty train.
  • Super Skivvies are not waterproof because PUL (Polyurethane Laminate - a man-made petroleum based plastic) that is used for waterproofing is not eco-friendly or biodegradable and damages our precious home, Earth.

My review: Super Skivvies graciously sent me a pair of their cloth training pants to try out on my little, in the mist of being potty trained, Susie! I love how adorable and affordable these cloth training pants are! I like how they allow the child to realize when they are wetting as opposed to after they already wet. They act like underwear, but allow for a little mistake to happen so that you can run the child off to the potty chair before their legs and everything gets wet. And the great part about these is when the child is fully potty trained you can use them as underwear by just removing the insert! How great is that!!!?

Going with cloth training pants can save you a tremendous amount of money!! And who doesn't love to save money?? ;-) I love how much I have saved just by using the one Super Skivvies I have! Apart from using my Super Skivvies, I have gone with going with just underwear... which works, but the Super Skivvies REALLY helps when a bit of an accident happens. They are still absorbent enough that not EVERYTHING gets wet! Which saves money on laundry! ;-)

Buy them: Head on over to Super Skivvies now to check out what they have in stock for your little one in the mist of getting potty trained! Psst ... they're having a sell right now so now is a great time to buy!! ;-)


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