Friday, June 15, 2012

Spring Happenings

Sorry for not being around as much as usual lately. I've been completely absorbed with my sweet family! With the birth of our second daughter (birth story to come soon), trying to get a garden in, putting up fencing, buying some goats, and still trying to keep up with all the other household tasks that make life easier I've not had to much time to spend on one of my favorite hobbies... blogging! But I'm thankful to be getting this post in to let you all see why I've been gone! ;-)

Aren't these two little blessings just delicious! ;-) Seriously though... I've just been eating them up! Our oldest daughter loves her little sister so much! She gives her kisses, covers her up when she uncovers herself, and lets me know when she's crying! I love those girls!

Blogging fans meet Miss Sweet Pea! :-) She is my Sweet (fits the blog name eh? ;-) ) little 2 year old milking doe! We've been blessed to be getting 1 1/2 quarts of fresh goats milk daily from her. The rest has been going to her kids... so I think by the time the kids are weened well be getting a gallon or so a day from her! :-) I'm so excited to be trying to make things like cheese, cottage cheese, feta cheese, butter, goats milk soap, ice cream, sour cream, and so much more!!! :-) I'm hoping to be sharing my recipes with you when I succeed in making them!

These are Sweet Pea's babies Mattie (brown girl) and Maroco (black boy).

If you have any recipes calling for goat milk or things that take milk/cream to make please feel free to send them to me at

Monday, June 4, 2012

Rolled Fabric Flowers Tutorial~ Guest Post

Hey, I'm Tiffany from Fashion In The Forest!  I'm posting here on Mama's Sew Sweet Baby today to show all you lovely people how to make rolled fabric roses! 

Let me tell you a little bit about my blog.  Fashion In The Forest is dedicated to finding affordable fashion, so post about sales, deals, coupon codes, reviews & giveaways.  Like all of us, I am a woman of many interests, so I also occasionally post tutorials or fun articles and ideas.  I hope you'll come visit me!  

Now, I know you've seen these flowers all around the blog-o-sphere.  They're super versatile and great to have on hand for craft projects.  There are many different ways to fold & roll the fabric so your options are virtually endless.  Today I wanted to show you how to make a basic rolled fabric flower.  This project is very easy to do and required very little time and only the minimum of supplies.  

Here's what you'll need:
•Your Favorite Fabric (I generally use strips of a fat quarter fabric square)
•Super Glue

I know that a lot of people use a glue gun, and that works just as well, but I really like super glue because it bonds fast and it sticks, plus you don't have to mess around with glue sticks or have cords in your way.  Hand stitching is also an option if you're handy with a needle and thread. 
Step One: 
Cut fabric into a strip.  For a 2" flower, the strip I used was 2 1/4" x 21".  After my initial cut, I usually tear the fabric as this is both easier plus I think the frayed edges make it look better.

Step Two:
Fold your strip in half, lengthwise.  

Step Three:
Roll your end into a ball, as this will be the center of your flower.  Secure it with a dab of glue.

Step Four:
Twist and roll.  You'll want to start with the strip held straight and then twist away from the center.  Roll your twisted strip around the center and for each time you make a loop around, secure with glue.


Step Five:
When your strip is around 1 1/2" from the end, stop rolling.  You'll need this small bit of fabric to finish the back.  Glue the remaining fabric over the back, then trim the edges around the perimeter. 

The back will look like this:

The front will look like this:

These flowers can be used in so many things!  For example, you can attach them to clips, barrettes, headbands, on a belt or pillow....Really, the options are endless!  I really hope I’ve given you the inspiration to make a few of these blossoms.  Hopefully my tutorial is easy enough to follow! 
Here are a few ideas from Pinterest to show some different ways to use these flowers:

Mama's Sew Sweet Baby readers, you can find me at my Blog, on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Etsy.  You can even reach me via email at if you want:)


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