Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Where I've Been

I don't know how many of you noticed that I simply haven't been around the blogging world as much lately... well here is why (this is taken from my own handwritten journal):

Sometimes life seams so hard to juggle things around. It's hard to find a balance in things or to know whether or not something is truly beneficial. I don't want to just be a quitter on my blog, but right now I feel like if I don't quiet it'll pull me away from what's most important in life: My Lord, My husband, my children, and my home. I already feel like I fail miserable at times to keep up with my home. I don't want to be a failure, but I also don't want to be a quitter when things get tough. I also know that I don't want to be known to my children as the mom that was constantly glued to the computer or ipod. I want to be known as industrious and working with my hands. Most of all as a Proverbs 31 woman, a Woman of God! 

"He who pursues righteousness and loyalty Finds life, righteousness, and honor." Proverbs 21:21

"For it is THou who dost bless the righteous man, O Lord, Thou dost surround him with favor as with a shield." Psalms 5:12

From 'Large Family Logistics' book Chapter 13: Life with Littles:

Content Yourself with Healthy Brain Food:

Life with Littles involves a fair amount of physically hard work. It can lack mental stimulation that we, as women, crave. We feel that lack and will look to fill it with something.

My oldest children were little before the days of the Internet, so I didn't have to battle getting caught up in online discussions and the like. If you are looking to online friends for encouragement, tread carefully and wisely. The women of old got in trouble going from house to house gossiping, we don't need to leave our houses to fall into the same sins. And I would suggest using a timer at the computer so you don't fall into the cyber abyss. It's a little scary how fast time flies when you are sitting in front of that screen.

For safer, better mental stimulation, I recommend reading books. Not fiction, but how-to, theology, philosophy, Bible study, and other books that provoke thought. These types of books can be read one chapter at a time and then thought about while doing physical work. How-to books can also promote creative action. Of course, you can find helpful articles on the Internet too, but you have to watch out for the abyss which can sap your time as well as your emotional and spiritual energy.

What you put in comes out. If you sow in your mind things that promote discontent-- argumentative online debates, television sitcoms or irrelevant reality shows, foolish novels, and worldly magazines-- then you will read discontent in your life. This can happen online and offline as well. Examine your heart to see if it is focused on God and serving Him or on yourself. Do not allow yourself to be discontent, but look at all things with thanksgiving and challenge yourself to overcome trials with biblical responses. look at the long physically hard days as the blessing that they are, This is the school of sanctifications. God is growing you." 

"... There are times in life that certain things do not fit in and must be let go for a season."

"Thy word I have hid in my heart, that I might not sin against thee!" Psalm 119:11

I am not saying blogging is wrong or that I am leaving! I am going to take a small brake then come back and be a slower blogger then what I was trying to be! There will still be giveaways and reviews and exciting things like that, but I just need to step back a notch and be a Wife and Mama first and for most! :-)

Any thoughts? Anyone experiencing/ed this? Tips to help me balance things out? 


Amber said...

Yep! I've been there. Hence my blog being pretty quiet these days. I started mine when I only had one mobile child. Now I have two active toddlers and a breastfeeding infant. Much more of time, of necessity, goes simply to the logistics of caring for my littles. When you add cooking, cleaning, preschool, errands, and other essentials of being a homemaker, I simply can't juggle a "blogging business" too. I admire those who can, but for now, mine needs to take a rest so that I can focus on what is important--my faith and my family.

Amber said...

I don't know if my last comment made it--I wasn't signed in. But yes, I have experienced it, which is why my blog has pretty much been silent lately. I started when I had just one mobile child. Now I have two active toddlers and a breastfeeding infant, which requires much more time simply meeting their basic needs. Add in cooking, cleaning, preschool, and loving on my littles, and there just isn't anything left over for a "blogging business." I admire those who can juggle it, but I can't right now. I need to be able to focus on what is truly important--my walk with God and my family.

A Restful Place said...

I totally understand! Praying for you...

Katy said...

Mine are 7 and 10 and I don't have much time for blogging!!! I do work full time, however. I try to blog on the weekends and sometimes stay up a little later than I should. Right now, you have a very important job to do which should always come first :) Plus it is so fun xxx


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