Friday, February 10, 2012

Homemade Produce Wash ~Guest Post~

Whether you buy organic or non-organic produce, it is still a good idea to wash your fruits and veggies first. Pesticides are just one reason to wash produce but even if there were no pesticides used, your produce could still get germs and bacteria just from the trip from the farm to your home. Obviously you don’t want to potentially eat pesticides, germs or bacteria so take the tiny effort to wash your produce first.

Now you could go out and buy a produce spray or wash from the store. However, store bought produce washes tend to cost a lot. In fact, they cost a ton when you realize that you don’t need special soaps or chemicals to clean your apples!

You can make your very own produce wash at home with ingredients that you already have in your kitchen! It is incredibly easy and extremely inexpensive to make your own produce wash!

Produce Wash

½ cup vinegar
1 ½ cups water

Mix both ingredients together and store in a spray bottle. When you are ready to wash your produce, simply spray on, rub or scrub depending on the produce and then rinse under running water. For produce that benefits more from a soaking technique such as lettuce or broccoli, just pour the vinegar solution in a bowl and place your produce in the bowl. Swish your produce around a bit and then rinse off under water.

This recipe is a 1:3 ratio of vinegar to water so it’s very easy to make a larger batch if you need to.

As I said, it’s pretty likely that you have vinegar in your home already and you obviously have water. This produce wash is practically free to make and since there are only two ingredients, it’s pretty simple as well. Since you are making it yourself and you actually know the ingredients, you can rest easy knowing that the produce wash that you are spraying on your fruit is completely safe and natural.

Bio: Brittany is a stay at home wife and mother to three children (5 years, 4 years, & 1 year). You can find more about Brittany on her blog The Pistachio Project, where she writes about being green, natural parenting, frugal living and safer products.

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Tiana B. said...

I was just saying how I need to find a natural way of washing my produce and here it is one day later! Thanks!


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