Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Fine Art of Spring Decorating ~ Guest Post

I love decorating for the holidays, but for so many people decorating during other times of the year can be difficult. Not only do you have to figure out what to decorate with there is also the problem of too much to choose from. I know you would think that it would be harder to decorate for winter holidays, but with spring and summer you really must have more creative skill as the stores are not going to do the decorating for you as they do during the winter holidays.

I personally love sticking to pastels for spring and bold bright colors for summer. Spring time brings flowers and green back to our lives so having these colors is always a great choice. For spring decorating I always use accessories in limited amounts to brighten up my home and make it feel fresh. A great example of something simple you can use is the above fragrance warmers. Not only are they very spring like, but they also can be used to scent your home with a great spring scent.  These add both style and function to your home. The addition of a few flowers or greens around the base of these scent warmers would also add to the look and feel of your home.

Another way to change up your home décor is with a theme. Birds are very big this year and with this really cute bird canister set you can sing with the birds while you cook. This would add a great spring and summer feel to your home. The warm yellows and bright colors of the flowers pop out in a way that could grab someone's attention and they are great to store pasta and flour in.  Add in some great bird wall art or other bird themed accessories to create a very tranquil space. 

Another great way to decorate for spring is to use the obvious flowers. Daisies are hot this year and the trend is just going to keep going. Add some silk daisies to your centerpiece or use them in a vase on a side table. You could also hang them over an entry or on a low bookshelf with some candles.  Another great idea would be to mix flowers and birds for a combined theme that is sure to make your visitors comfortable and create some great conversations.

"This is a guest post by Holly Brown.  She currently runs an interior design blog called Home Style Tips and is an independent distributor for Celebrating Home, a home décor party company."

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Well done!! Love the tips!! I am definitely going to try some of them! Thank you.


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