Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Homemade Yogurt

Homemade yogurt is amazing! This recipe was so easy to make, not to mention cheaper then buying yogurt from the store! ;-)

Homemade Yogurt:

~First your going to heat 1/2 Gal. Whole Milk to 200 degrees F. Stirring gently so that it doesn't boil over or scorch.

~Then your going to remove the milk from the heat and let it cool down to 112-115 degrees F.

~Pour 1 Cup of the now cooled milk into a small bowl with 1/2 cup pre-made yogurt. Whisk till smooth. Then pour back into the pot with the rest of the milk and stir together.

Note: Organic yogurt is best to use because it has more enzymes in it. Also make sure to choose a yogurt with low or no sugar content. After you've made your own yogurt you can just use 1/2 cup of your own! ;-)

~Heat the oven to 115 degrees F. (mostly just make sure your oven is warm), then turn it off.
The trick to making yogurt is keeping the milk at 110 degrees F.

~Wrap the pan up in towels to keep it warmer longer. Place the yogurt into the warm oven for 4-6 hours.

-I turned my oven on to warm it back up again about half way through.
-Careful not to jostle the pan around to much because otherwise it won't set right.
-If you like thinner yogurt you might want to check it/taste it ever so often so it doesn't get to thick for you.
-Remember it will thicken a little bit more when it cools

~After it gets to be about the consistency that you want it to be put it into the fridge to cool down completely... Don't stir it yet.

~Once cooled you can then add whatever you want to it:
-maple syrup

Let me know your experience making yogurt! :-)


Janelle said...

I've been wanting to try this out! Do you know if you can use Greek yogurt as the starter or do you have to do things a bit differently for Greek yogurt?

Kelley said...

Hi Stopping by from delicious Dish Tuesday. When would you add vanilla if your kids like the vanilla taste of yogurt? I hope to make this weekend!
I am a new follower on GFC :-)

Mama said...

@Janelle I've never tried it with Greek yogurt before, but my guess is you could do it the same way and it'll still turn out.

@Kelley I think you would add the vanilla at the same time as the honey or fruit. Unless you add it to the milk when you begin. I might have to experiment with that one! ;-)

A Restful Place said...

I've been making Yogurt for the last few weeks! I've been making it in the crockpot - it's so easy! I was just getting ready to write a post for my blog! :) Thanks for sharing!

I hope you are doing well - I've been thinking about you!


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