Thursday, May 9, 2013

Journey Through Pregnancies

Pregnant with Susannah
Each pregnancy is different... just as each child is different. And just as each pregnancy is different they have their own stories to tell.

My pregnancy with Susannah was a joyful happy time! We lived in an apartment and was newly married at the time so so much that happened through that pregnancy is a blur now, but I still have good and bad memories from it. I remember that I was fairly certain of myself at the time and didn't care how much weight I gained... so I gained to much. I wasn't into healthy eating or taking care of my self. I was simply just living and not thinking about health or fitness. Tho I do remember wanting to have a natural birth. At the time my husband and I thought it best not to go with a home birth as we lived in the apartment. So we took steps to make our birth experience as natural as could be. We took Bradley birth classes, got a doula, and had our baby using midwives in the hospital. Overall it was a good birth. Looking back now, I wouldn't want to go that route again, but I am glad we did then! God has something for us to learn in each situation.

During and after Susannah was born I started reading books on natural birth and getting in the know about nutrition.

Pregnant with Emmaline
During Emmaline's Pregnancy I was, well, kind of a mess. I was emotional and depressed a lot. I had tons of ups and downs, and yet I was at peace. Amazing how at times when you feel the worse God can give you a peace that you've never experienced. I honestly haven't been able to feel peace like I felt then since.

I knew more about nutrition and what was healthy. And we were eating "organically"... yet we were mostly eating grains, breads, and meat. Which my body needed, but it also needed fresh fruits and veggies. So I didn't feel good most of the time, I was grumpy, bloated, constipated, and depressed. And yet God had lots for me to learn during that time. I learned to ask Him to grant me peace and give me wisdom! And He did! It was a wonderful time of learning to draw close to God. I just wish I would have drawn closer to Him more often during the times I was grumpy and depressed.

After Emmaline was born I continued to go through ups and downs. I was depressed and then REALLY happy... depressed and then REALLY happy. It was a roller coaster. During the times that I was REALLY happy I would just have this whole joy overcome me that I was extremely thankful for everything! And especially my new little baby! I couldn't snuggle her enough. Then there was the rough, depressed times, I felt like I was in a dark pit and couldn't get out. God is the only one who could ever lift me out of those dark times. I had to pray and meditate on scripture constantly. If I ever got away from God I could feel myself being pulled deeper and deeper into the dark pit. Only then could God shine His light and lift me out. I had to take my thought pattern captive and think of things of the Lord. Philippians 4:8 became a lifeline for me... I read that verse so much. And finally after awhile I started feeling God's joyful Spirit more often and feeling depressed less often. I still really have to keep my thought pattern under control and think on the Lord tho. And I believe it will be something that I will always have to do.

Pregnant and due in July
This pregnancy has been different. At the beginning of the pregnancy I was Morning sick a lot and lost a bit of weight... I was tired, dizzy, and constantly passing out. I didn't know how I could possibly handle it all for 9 months. I felt hopeless. This hopeless feeling lasted for about the first 4 months, then all of a sudden like a breeze of fresh air it was all gone and I felt great! I felt beautiful and happy and just simply amazing! And like I CAN DO THIS!! I was so thankful! I was able to start eating healthy and start a exercise routine! Then I started the 3rd trimester... and there have been more feelings of 'ugh I'm tired' and feeling sorry for myself. Then my friend at A Restful Place gifted me with the book Redeeming Childbirth! God has been speaking to me through that book. I have been learning to grow in the Lord, read His word more, memorize scripture, and pray more. It has truly been a learning experience, learning to keep God as the center of my life. Not dwelling on the negative, but learning to focus on Him! Something we need to remember throughout our whole lives! I think it pregnancy (especially at the end) it is so easy to fall into selfish thinking. God doesn't want us to think selfishly, but to keep Him the focus at all times!

P.s. Look for a review and giveaway of Redeeming Childbirth to come soon!


Melody said...

I just recently found your blog, and really appreciated reading this post. I delivered our 3rd son last November, and can relate to each pregnancy being so different! We have so much to learn - and our Lord is such a gracious teacher.
Thanks for your encouragement to keep pressing into Him! And I'll have to look into the Redeeming Childbirth book. I've heard a lot of good about it! :)

A Restful Place said...

Thanks for sharing Sarah, I'm keeping you in my prayers!

Esa said...

After years of trying to catch pregnant, we finally did. We had medical help, divine intervention (novenas to st Joseph, st Girard, st Anne, st Theresa), some timing, and a bottle of red cat. I ate healthy my whole pregnancy, didn't gain more than 20lbs...and still ended up with gestational diabetes. And when it came time to have the munchkin, I had to have a c section... Because I didn't want to do any type of drugs...wanted natural child birth etc.
Gah. Nothing went as planned no matter how carefully we went about it.
I do know I have a beautiful daughter regardless of our odds of catching pregnant and how she came out. God has a sense of humor...but takes care if His own...


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