Thursday, May 16, 2013

Healing Comfrey Salve Review

Today I want to share with you about my sister Liz's Healing Comfrey Salve! :-)

About the salve:

"Ingredients: Comfrey, coconut oil, beeswax, vitamin E oil & Grapefruit Seed extract, lemon essential oil. 
This salve is 100% organic and works Amazing on Diaper rash, cradle cap, cuts, burns, eczema & other skin irritants and has a lovely lemon scent!"

I have used this salve on diaper rash, cuts, eczema, and a few other skin irritants and I love it! Comfrey heals things amazingly fast and a salve just helps take the pain or itch away in a naturally soothing way! I've never liked how with most cuts and wounds putting something on it causes it to sting. Not the case with this comfrey salve! It is so soothing on cuts and wounds.

My daughter has eczema really bad and I'm always trying to find ways to help it. When I put this salve on her it lessens it up a lot and it helps relieve the itch!

I've also put it on diaper rash! Whenever I put it on a rash I am AMAZED at how fast the rash is gone! Next diaper change... no signs of rash! WOW!

This is a wonderful salve to have in your medicine kit especially if you have little ones! Want to experience this wonderful salve yourself? Visit Lizzysherbs on etsy! :-)

P.s. Visit her etsy shop often as she will be adding to it soon! ;-)
P.s.s. Encourage her in her herbal journey... Become her admirer on etsy or comment on this post.


Esa said...

Would it work on stretch marks too I wonder?

A Restful Place said...

This is lovely Sarah! How neat that your sister makes this! I'm heading on over now to <3 her on etsy. :)

Esa said...

How did she figure out how to mix this? Did she research it or did she have a lot of people telling her they did this or that and she combined them all? Sounds like an awesome mix of ingredients!

Esa said...

Does it work with dandruff or cradle cap?

Esa said...

This might work well with nipple soreness too I'd breastfeeding....but would it be safe if it got in babies mouth too? Guess that would be a good question for me to ask the maker...

Esa said...

Does she make other balms?


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