Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Exercising Through Pregnancy

Exercising while pregnant can be rather difficult. Especially if you have other little ones you have to keep an eye on. However staying in good shape while pregnant is so important for you and the baby's health! So I would like to share some exercising ideas with you to get you motivated! :-)

Walk! Walk! Walk!
Walking is SO good for you, pregnant or not. But how do you keep up a good walking program while chasing other littles? Here are some of the ways you could do it:

-My Favorite is, Leslie Sansone! I love her walk away the pounds DVDs! I have the 3 mile walk for your abs. I don't actually ever use the bands that she uses. I just walk the walk! My little 2 year old will even join me for part of it and burn off some energy as well! ;-)

-A Treadmill. I haven't actually done this myself because I'm stuck on Leslie Sansone, but I know several ladies who go this route and love it! You'd probably even be able to find a relativly cheap one on Craigslist!

-All around the house!! It might feel a little silly, but growing-up my family did this! We would just turn on some fun music and make laps around the (inside) of our house!

-A walk around the block or yard! This one can get difficult. Like if it rains, or you have lots of little ones to watch. But here are some ideas that could help make this one work.
*Take advantage of baby carriers and/or strollers. With one or two (maybe even 3, if you have a double stroller) you can put them in carriers and/or stroller and go for a walk.
*You can go for a walk as a family at a park or something!
*You could ask your husband to watch the children while you take a walk.
*Or if you have property you could walk around the property while they nap or play in the yard!
Just some ideas! ;-)

Either make up your own routine or find a good prenatal pilaties DVD to follow along to. I really like Lizbeth Garcia's 10 min Solution Prenatal Pilates. These are easy to follow and easy to squeeze in 10 min somewhere in the day!

While pregnant you do want to take caution to what types of exercises you do and always listen to your body. Some women can develop a diastasis while pregnant by doing certain exercises. Also be sure to drink lots of water!!


Anonymous said...

Leslie Sansone is my favorite, too! Thanks for the encouraging post. :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks for this article....I'm 8 weeks along and I have walking, walking, walking...and trying to eat sensibly too. I'm visiting from the Raising Homemakers linkup. You can find me at www.aheartforthehome.com Blessings to you!

Wholesome Womanhood said...

Great advice! I wish I had done better exercising when I was pregnant with our daughter. I'm planning next time to take better care of myself in the exercise department.

The Provision Room said...

When I was expecting our third child, we were living in Mongolia and it was the middle of winter. (On the day our son was born it was -40F!) So, I used Leslie Sansone's walking videos a lot. It was the only way for me to get exercise without braving the ice and snow!

Monica said...

Great info, thank you! We are expecting our first baby so this post definitely comes in handy!

Esa said...

I worked two jobs while pregnant. Both involved filing so I made sure I did one file.at a time to walk back and forth with. The 2nd job I was a massage therapist. So a lot of lower body movement as well as upper body. Most.of my pregnancy went through the winter and we couldn't walk (many sidewalks never got cleared from snow so it wasn't safe). The warm days the dog and I walked. Loved being active. Made me not feel like a whale.

Esa said...

I also see a lot of yoga DVD's for pregnancy. I wonder how hard it would be to balance when you are off center due to the extra weight in friont?


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