Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Diastasis Recti

Have you ever heard of a Diastasis recti? Do you know what it is? Do you know how common it is in postpartum mommies?

You might have a Diastasis recti if:
-You are repeatedly asked if you are pregnant... and your not.
-You have an outie belly button
-You have back or shoulder problems
-You aren't able to get rid of your 'Tummy' know matter how hard you work out

Here is a way you can check and see if you have a Diastasis:
1)Lie on your back on the floor.
2)Put your fingertips near the center of your belly (horizontally above your belly button).
3)Curl up as if doing a crunch.
4)feel with your fingertips the center of your belly. Is there a gap? If so, how many finger widths is it? Diastasis is measured in finger widths placed side by side.

So what does that mean? How can I fix it? How can I prevent it from happening again?

These are the questions that ran through my head when I first discovered Diastasis recti. I don't know much about them, but here is what I know and what was recommended to me.

Meaning: Also known as abdominal separation. It is a disorder defined as a separation of the rectus abdominis muscle into right and left halves.
-In pregnant or postpartum women, the defect is caused by the stretching of the rectus abdominis by the growing uterus. It is more common in women who have had more then one pregnancy or twins due to repeated episodes of stretching. When the defect occurs in pregnancy, the uterus can sometimes be seen bulging through the abdominal wall beneath the skin.

For some women simple exercises will completely heal a diastasis! I highly recommend getting the book Lose Your Mummy Tummy

From the back of Lose your Mummy Tummy:
"Lose Your Mummy Tummy introduces the Tupler Technique, a groundbreaking set of deceptively simple abdominal and breathing exercises that decreases the diastasis and results in a firmer, flatter, and stronger belly no matter when you had a baby, even if it was decades ago. Like Kegels- those all-important pregnancy exercises - the Tupler Techniques can be practiced almost anywhere, anytime. Including photographs and instructions for a 15- or a 30-minute at-home exercise routine, Lose Your Mummy Tummy ensures:
-A tighter, flatter stomach
-A smaller waistline-A reduction or elimination of back pain
-The ability to safely lift your baby and heavy objects
-More energy
-Better posture
-The perfect preparation for your next pregnancy"

I bought this book and have been doing some of the exercises throughout this pregnancy. The exercises are a lot of Transversus abdominis exercises. Simple things like breathing to work this muscle and like holding your stomach muscles in as often as you remember.

I hope this information has been helpful for someone... I had no idea about this until this pregnancy. I'm looking forward to trying to get rid of my mummy tummy by exercise after this little baby is born!


Melody said...

Thank you so much for this post! I have been wanting to start strengthening my core more and this gives me good direction! I have the book ordered from our library now :)

Esa said...

All good to know information!


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