Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Babies on the Mind

Sometimes I just can't seam to get my mind off the fact that in only about 13 short weeks we will, Lord willing, be meeting our sweet little one! I seam to be at a lost as to what to write on my blog lately because it seems like the only thing consuming my mind is BABIES!

To top it off, yesterday my goat had her sweet little baby! She looked so pleased when she finally got to lick and clean up her little goat. And she hasn't let that baby out of her sight since then. It is so precious!

Plus I just can't help but remember that almost a year ago I finally got to meet my little Emmaline for the first time. What a precious time it was to first hold her in my arms. What a beautiful, precious time in my life! I can't even express the excitement I feel for wanting to hold this new little one in my arms for the first time!

This pregnancy I have felt a joy that I don't remember feeling in my last two pregnancies. Every little kick, every little movement, every little hick-up reminds me that this is a precious little one nestled safely in my womb, being perfectly knitted together by my Awesome God! What a miracle! I don't think I treasured these moments in my heart enough through my last two pregnancies. After this baby is born I will never again get to feel this baby move, kick, or hick-up inside me.

Treasuring each moment with our little ones is so important. For they grow up so fast... the newborn stage is but for a season, the pregnancy stage is but for a season, as is the 2 year old stage. Each stage is beautiful and precious in their own way!! What a blessing to be the mama to our sweet children! To be the one the Lord has put in charge of the way they are raised! WOW! He has created this little life inside me, He has a plan for this little person, and He has chosen us to fulfill His plan in this sweet little life! Thank you, Lord, for this blessing!

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Esa said...

I have pcos...and it took many years if medical intervention and novenas to God to finally conceive our miracle baby (and the angel baby we lost). While pregnant, my one mother in law asked me if anyone ever told me what it felt like after having the baby. I said no, and she informed me, "empty". You feel empty.
The baby I carried always had hiccups. I loved to feel them. And when Autumn was born, I didn't feel empty. I haven't felt that heart tug over the little movements I no longer feel. I cling to the nap times where she sleeps on my chest after nursing, the little snuffle squeaky sounds she makes....and my heart melts because she still gets the hiccups constantly. She amazes me.
If God blesses us with a brother or sister for her, I hope the experience is the same. <3


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