Friday, December 21, 2012


I've been thinking a lot about my little firstborn baby... er toddler. I'm still trying to remember when she switched from being a baby to being a toddler. I guess when she was a baby I thought it was so far away before she became a toddler. Oh how time passes all to fast. How life has changed. Oh how she has changed our lives. She is such a blessing in our lives.

Lately she has been taking to giving more hugs and kisses!!! Much to my delight! As she has always been more of a quality time little girl. But now she is a total snuggler! I love it!

She has got so much energy I don't think she even knows what to do with it all. It's precious watching her run around the house singing! She adores music so much! She loves to sing and dance around the living room! It is just darling!

She has such big beautiful blue eyes! And right now she has tons of little curls. They are getting so long they are starting to get into her eyes more. I try and put her 'bangs' up in a little pony tail, but she loves to pull anything out of her hair and off of her feet. I can't keep hair clips, socks, or shoes on this little girl.

She loves being a little farm girl. I think tho out of all our animals her favorite is the kitten. Sometimes the kitten gets in while I'm out getting wood. I come back in and it's in her arms. She's talking to it like a long lost friend and then exclaims to me "I LIKE! AWW"

She absolutely adores her little sister! When she's crying she comes to me looking all serious "Umline (her way of saying Emmaline), sad." She runs and tries to give her a toy or cover her up saying "I know, Umline" or "I know, baby". Sometimes she calls her baby. The other day Susie was coloring a picture and Emmaline was watching her. She then held up her picture to show Emmaline and said "See!"

She loves to show people things! When someone comes over she has to show them all her toys and she loves to share them with them! She loves to give people things! When I'm making dinner sometimes I'll give her something to snack on... she always asks "Dada?" And she runs to take it to him. I then have to cut her up a piece as well!

She thinks that brushing her teeth is a hobby! Whenever I go into our bathroom to brush my hair or something she runs in as fast as she can and says "teeth!!!?" And proceeds to get out her toothbrush!

Needless to say she is such a blessing! She loves to help me do things! She loves to pick up her toys, run dirty clothes to the laundry room, sweep, and put the silverware away. And most of those things she does without being asked. She just loves doing them! Bless her heart! <3 I LOVE HER!!!


A Restful Place said...

Love this Sarah! What a sweetie!

Trinity said...

Aww! This makes my heart smile, but oh how quickly she has grown! :-) Love you Sar!

Mama Chocolate said...

She is so sweet! I love that she wants to share with Daddy like that!
I am continually amazed at how fiercely we as mamas can love these little people. I'm so glad you're enjoying her precious toddler years. <3

truthesther said...

What beautiful photos and precious memories of your adorable daughter! It's so amazing to look back and see how fast our children grow :) Blessings to you, Sarah, and family!


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