Friday, April 13, 2012

Romancing while Expecting

Here are some fun romancing ideas... to hopefully encourage even myself. For as most of us mothers know when you get to the end of your pregnancy it's hard to think of romancing when mostly what's on our mind is having the baby. So here are just a few ideas for romancing while pregnant! ;-)

~Put the littles to bed (or find a grandparent who will watch them ;-) ) and have a nice dinner with just your husband! Include all the extras... Candles, sparkling cider (or some other nice drink), pretty flowers on the table, a fun desert, music... you know what I mean! ;-) Sometimes even just some sort of everyday meal can be romantic when you add all the romantic extras!

~Play a game! Playing a simple board or card game after the littles go to bed can encourage conversation and laughter among you as a couple!

~Go on a walk together! This can even be fun with the littles! You can hold hands, have fun conversations, and enjoy each others company all while getting good exercise for you, the baby, the littles, and your husband! ;-)

~Probably my favorite thing to do, if I can go on a date with my husband, is simply to go on a picnic! I LOVE picnics! Especially ones by water (the ocean, a river, or a lake)! They don't usually cost a thing (as long as you make the food in advance), and you can just sit on a blanket, eat, and hang out! Maybe even go on a walk or take a swim together! Super enjoyable!

~Go driving in the country! My husband and I love to do this and it's another one of my favorite things to do with my man! Again this is one that is fun with the littles as well! Riding along in the car and seeing all the beauty pass by can create lots of conversations and laughter! :-) Again you get to hold hands and you can stop at some romantic looking spot (a river or such) and again take a walk! ;-)

What are your favorite things to do with your man?


A Restful Place said...

Great ideas Sarah! I loved playing games and taking walks! Watching movies are fun too! There are so many things we can do to 'love on' our husbands - I know during pregnancy and especially the end it gets hard! This is an encouraging post! Thanks! :)

Praying for you, your baby, and family - hope you are well. Lots of Love <3

Amanda @ Coping with Frugality said...

What fun ideas. We enjoyed playing card games when I was expecting or watching movies and eating homemade popcorn!


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