Tuesday, December 6, 2011

~Adventures in cloth wipes~

When I first started cloth diapering I followed a 'recipe' I found on another cloth mama's blog (can't remember who's) on making my wipe solution. I then starting changing it to my liking. What I have now is a completely different solution then before. But so far I'm loving it! My 'recipe' is as follows:

1 Quart water
2 T baby wash or shampoo (I like to use Burt's Bees)
2 T baby lotion (again Burt's Bees is a favorite)
2 T Coconut Oil (I use Tropical Traditions)

Put all ingredients into a pan on medium heat and stir till everything is melted and mixed together (doesn't have to get that hot). 
(Warning: Be sure the solution has time to cool before wiping baby! ;-) )

You can add some tea tree essential oil to keep mildew down if you are worried about that, but I only make up enough wipes to last me a week or so. I haven't ever had any mildew problems.

I tried several different ways of wetting the wipes:

~I tried having a container that I could dip the wipe in and then wring out a bit, I did this as I went. 

~I tried having a little squirt bottle and squirting the needed amount on the wipe, again this is a method I did as I went.

~and I tried putting the wipes in a 'pampers' like wipe container and pouring the solution on a bunch of wipes, in advance.

So far the last method is by far my FAVORITE! It's quick, easy, and mess free! The others tended to get messy at times! Like when you have a squirming baby who wants to grab the open bottle/container of solution! ;-) 

What recipes for solutions have you tried? I'm ALWAYS open to trying new ones! :D

What about your method of getting the wipe wet? What have you tried with that?

Have you ever gotten mold on your wipes?? Very curious about how long the solution lasts on the wipes.


A Restful Place said...

Your recipe for a wipe solution sounds great! I have always just kept a clean pile of clean wipes next to my clean diaper piles and before I change a diaper I just wet it with water (preferably warm) and use it that way. I haven't yet ran into a situation where I didn't have water to wet a wipe with - we keep water bottles in the car, I normally keep one in the diaper bag and normally there's always a sink somewhere close by! :) I found this really neat diaper wash that works wonders! It's great on really tough to get rid of diaper rashes too. http://www.californiababy.com/non-burning-calming-diaper-area-wash-6-5-oz.html I buy mine from Vitacost - if you don't already order from them email me and I'll send you a referral and you'll get $10 off. :)

baby rashes said...

Cool! Home made wipes are just awesome. It is very cheap and dependable it works just well for me and my baby.



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