Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Naturally Clean Home (My Book Review)

I first rented this book from the library when I was just getting interested in green cleaning. And I loved it so much that I bought it! I loved all the recipes in it using essential oils! Now I no longer buy the cleaners that I used to. I now buy things like:

Baking soda
Washing soda 
essential oils

Although a lot of the recipes in this book you have to use more elbow grease and really scrub things, it makes me feel better to clean with these recipes! I used to get sore throats and headaches from the toxic cleaners I used before. Then when I got pregnant with Susie I was worried about what I breathed in. With these recipes you never have to worry about that! ;-)

"Common, nontoxic kitchen ingredients such as baking soda, borax, lemon, and vinegar are wonderfully effective household cleaners. Pair them with essential oils to disinfect and freshen every room. With 150 all-natural, easy-to-prepare cleaning solutions you can:

~Soften and whiten clothing                     ~Brighten bathroom mirrors
~Break up kitchen grease                         ~Scour Porcelain tiles
~Polish wood floors                                 ~Deodorize carpets
~Scrub the oven                                         And much more!"

A few of my favorite recipes:

I love the pine disinfectant! It is so easy to make, smells amazing, and actually works to clean the bathroom! You can mix it up in a spray bottle and keep it handy for when you need it!

I also really love the Lavender Lift automatic dishwasher powder! It doesn't always clean the glasses to how I truly like them, but other then that it does a great job! I love the smell of the lavender and the simplicity of making it up!

"Banish harmful chemical cleansers from your home; clean it green for a healthier family, a healthier planet."

Have you heard of this book? Do you have a favorite natural cleaner?


A Restful Place said...

L.O.V.E this book! Thanks for the review!

Trinity said...

I love this book too Sar! We used the carpet cleaner with citronella the other day. Thanks for the review!

Good Girl Gone Green said...

Haven't read this book, but I clean everything pretty much with water and vinegar and sometime lemon and essential oils! SO much better than toxic chemical cleaners! :)

Melanie @ bear rabbit bear said...

Thanks for the review. Found you via a Blog hop. New follower. Hope you'll visit and follow back!!



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