Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Part 2~ Tips on making housework easier

As wives and mothers we need to make our homes a haven to our husband and children! I am no expert in this... I fail. Daily. It's hard to want to keep up with things, but it's SO wonderful to have a comfortable clean home! Isn't that what you want? Lets work together to try and accomplish a haven for our families! :-)

Here is my example of my schedules that I'm trying to work on! ;-) I have a daily 'to do' list, a weekly 'to do' list, a master 'to do' list, and then my schedule of when to do these 'to do' lists!

Daily To Do:

Clean kitchen 
Pick up clothes in bedroom
Make Bed
Feed Animals
Take something out for dinner

10 min. daily room (every room) pickup
Put on laundry

Clean Kitchen
Make Hubby's lunch

Weekly To Do:

Baking day
Clean Fridge

Clean all the bathrooms


Change sheets and towels
Shopping day (every other Thursday)

Tidy all desks
Tidy tops of things

Master To Do List: 

Empty Boxes in Master bedroom
Empty boxes in Master Bathroom
Clean master bedroom closet
Clean/organize school room
Clean Mandy's (the Dog) hall and empty box
Wash light fixtures
Fluff pillows in dryer
Fill Azure buckets and lable

Note: this list is an ongoing list of things that pretty much just needs to be done once

7:00 Dress
7:30 Feed baby
8:00 Breakfast and devotions
9:00 Morning 'Daily To Do' Chores
10:30 Feed Baby and put down for a nap
11:00 Exercise/nap
12:00 Lunch/ Wake baby/ feed her/change her
12:30 Dishes
1:00 'Weekly To Do' and 'Master To Do' chores
4:30 Start dinner
6:00 Dinner
6:30 Dishes/make hubby's lunch
8:00 Get baby ready for bed

These lists, of coarse, are all rough drafts, but basically there it is! Do you have any schedules or to do lists? How do they work for you?

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