Monday, May 13, 2013

IBasal Digital Thermometer Review and Giveaway

I'm really excited about the next giveaway during this Beautiful Babies Month!! For all of you lovely ladies out there who are trying to conceive, this is for you! :D

Fairhaven Health is a source for fertility, pregnancy, and nursing products! Remember my review of the Prenatal Vitamin? Well this time I get to review their IBasal Digital Thermometer!

I think pretty much anyone would be impressed with this thermometer! It's gotta be the smartest thermometer ever!

From Fairhaven Health's Website:

"The world's most intelligent digital basal thermometer & fertility monitor!

The ibasal is much more than just a basal thermometer – it’s an FDA-approved fertility monitor that is able to calculate your precise ovulation date and peak fertile days based on your daily temperatures and a variety of other fertility indicators. The ibasal works for women with irregular cycles as well as regular ones, and it continues to learn your body’s unique patterns month after month in order to provide exceptionally accurate results.
How Can Basal Body Temperature Be Used to Identify Ovulation?
Basal body temperature (BBT) charting is a tried and true method for determining precisely when during your menstrual cycle you ovulate. Your basal body temperature is the temperature at which your body rests, which tends to be a bit lower than your "normal" temperature, usually 97 point something degrees F versus 98.6 degrees F. By measuring your BBT each morning (after a full night's sleep) throughout your cycle you can detect the natural and subtle rise in your basal body temperature that occurs just after ovulation. This post-ovulatory shift in BBT is caused by increased production of the hormone progesterone, sometimes referred to as the "warming hormone".
How Does the ibasal Work?
With the ibasal, BBT charting just got smarter and easier. The ibasal is a computerized digital basal thermometer and fertility monitor that helps you maximize your chances of conceiving by accurately measuring your BBT and interpreting this data to produce a fertility prediction in advance of ovulation.
The ibasal is easy to use. To begin, simply set the time and date in the ibasal and set the alarm. The alarm will sound the next morning and each morning throughout your cycle, reminding you to take your BBT and ensuring reading consistency from one day to the next. The ibasal will measure and display your temperature to the 1/100 th of a degree (e.g. 97.41 F), show your cycle day, and populate a graph of your previous 10 readings on the LCD screen. This graph of readings allows you to easily see the shift in temperature that follows ovulation.
After collecting and storing your BBT readings, the ibasal will interpret this information to produce your own customized fertility prediction, allowing you to time intercourse in advance of ovulation for the best chance of conceiving in each cycle.
How is the ibasal Different than Other Basal Thermometers?
A regular off-the-shelf basal thermometer simply reports your temperature and nothing more. The user must then interpret the data and resultant chart in order to determine when ovulation occurred. In contrast, in addition to providing a highly accurate basal temperature reading, the ibasal actually interprets your data for you to tell you when you will ovulate and when you’re most fertile. Other data points considered by the ibasal algorithm include bleeding, cramping, cervical mucus consistency, and intercourse dates. The ibasal can even tell you when your results indicate a possible pregnancy!
Chart all of your menstrual cycle data, including your BBT readings, - Fairhaven Health's FREE fertility charting website.
The ibasal instructions are also available to view online."

My Opinion: 
I must say at first glance the thermometer is a bit scary looking with all the buttons. I though that it would be confusing to use and set up, but I found it rather easy and fun to catch onto. As I was setting it up I kept excitedly telling my husband what all it had... clock, alarm... ect... he finally asked me if it can dance too! ;-) I don't know what more you want a thermometer to do! It is very impressive! It can even predict a possible pregnancy by displaying a little heart! <3 Aww! I think this thermometer would make it fun and easy to take your temperature every morning to find out if you are ovulating! Not to mention very educational! You don't even have to write down your temperature, it records it for you!! 

If you want to buy it go here! It is on sale for 10% off right now! 

Wanna win one!! :-) Enter using the rafflecopter form below:

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Barker's Momma said...

I would love to try the Maca for Fertility.

ziggy28028 at yahoo dot com

StaceyK said...

We've been ttc for almost 4 years & I think this could really help. I hope I win!

Christina Parker said...

I would like to try fertilaid for women, maca and the ibasal thermometer

Chantel said...

I'm most excited about this thermometer! But I'd like to have some NIPPLE NURTURE BALM. It sounds so nice!

Lindsay said...

The nursing vitamins would be great!

Paris Washington said...

I would love to try anything. I'm new to TTC do not have no kids and i'm 26 years old just went off birth control pills in April (was on them 3-4 yrs but been taking others for 10-11 yrs)

good luck everyone

Esa said...

This thermometer truly excites me. I would love to win it! Good luck, everyone!

Aimee Christine said...

I really want to try the vitamins and the thermometer... been TTC for 1 year now...

Aimee Christine said...

i would love to try the vitamins and the ibasal thermometer. been ttc for a year now! i need some help!

Esa said...

Woo hoo! I am so geeked about this! Thank you so much!!!

David said...

I am not going to participate in the giveaway but that looks like an awesome baby thermometer and good luck to the winner.

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John Dudley said...

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Catherine Davis said...

I must admit that this thermometer is accurate and effective but you can also try my non contact forehead thermometer which I used to my family for many years.

Beverly said...

I love to have one..


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